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Approachable & practical
Weekly in Bow/Mile End, London E3

After 7 years, this class is having a break but watch out for some workshops until the classes return.

Class price £10 (suggested)

Yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. In order to cover costs, a suggested donation of £10 per class is suggested. But you decide based on what you can afford and how useful the class is for you.
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Easy to find

1 Merchant Street, Bow, London E3 4LY.

Entrance on Bow Road, next to Tesco. Easy walk from Mile End and Bow Road tube stations or Bow Church DLR station.

line map showing location of e3 yoga

Arrow showing entrance to Bow Methodist Church Hall, Britton St
Entrance to the venue on Bow Road, next to Tesco Express.
Class in Bow
Inside, showing the hall.

Taught by Graeme

Graeme in various asana

I combine yoga teaching with work as a User Experience Design and Research Consultant so I understand the need for balancing stressful work demands with the needs of the body and mind. I always try to maintain a yoga-based mindset as a tool for better living and working – a practice on and, mostly, beyond the mat.


While being a teacher of yoga is about so much more than qualifications – the approach, intuition, personality and experience are all important factors – for ease of reference and peace of mind, I have been teaching yoga since 2004 and hold two yoga teaching certificates. 1) Aurolab, an IYN affiliated course, with Sama Fabian, Angelika Grohmann, 2002-2006 and 2) Marc Beuvain, BWY - British Wheel of Yoga accredited course, 2008-2010. I am also registered and insured by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) for massage, yoga and yoga therapy.

Class flow
Attento yoga classes combine breath-led movement (asana), breathing (Prāṇāyāma), mindfulness/meditation and relaxation. Each class is different but has its own theme. It generally begins with some floor-based movement to stretch and release your body. This develops your focus on the connection between movement and breath. We then work towards the class theme through a series of postures or other practices. We finish up with some breathing, relaxation, meditation and occasionally some optional chanting or sound work.
Characteristics of attento yoga
Breath-led movement

The breath is used to lead the body into and out of the postures. The breath is also used to refresh and deepen the posture when staying for longer. How we prepare for, arrive and leave the posture is all part of āsana practice.

Purposeful and functional

Postures and their movements, the āsana, each have a functional effect on the body. We develop our understanding of how to work towards that function. Always accounting for the body's individual need and ability. We avoid striving for an idealised external physical form.


We allow the body, breath and mind to settle at the start and end of the class. We choose where to place our attention and how we respond to what we notice. And generally become more aware of ourselves. It's the chance to stop 'doing' and start 'being'.

Breathing exercises

We sometimes extend the breathing work outside of the āsana movements for some Prāṇāyāma practice. Usually sitting on the floor or a chair, sometimes lying down. 

Mindfulness and meditation

We aim to be mindful throughout our whole yoga practice, as indeed in our lives more generally. In class, we may delve a little deeper and enter the samyama process, and work on concentration (dhāraṇā) and dhyāna (meditation)

Occasionally, optional sound work

Sound is a useful tool to slow down the breath and focus the mind. It also provides an inner vibration that can that somehow seems to shift our energy. In class, we normally use vowel sounds without any particular meaning rather than using any sanskrit chants. This is always optional and can be done very quietly as an inner vibration if preferred.

Vinyāsa - sequencing

Vinyāsa means ‘to placed in a special way’ or ‘appropriately sequenced’. Attento Vinyāsa however, is not a set series of postures. It focuses on linking of body movement with your breath and progressing one’s practice over a period of time. It also means ordering practices with one class to prepare for what is to come and then to restore after more intensive practices.

Six years old!

This Attento yoga class started on 20th October 2012 at St Paul’s on St Stephen’s Road E3 5JL. It moved to its current location on Bow Road on 24th January 2015.

All levels welcome

The classes suit any level of experience. You can be a complete beginner, have lapsed for a while, seek to deepen your current practice or reflect on your own teaching. Everyone is welcome regardless of fitness or flexibility or prior yoga experience.

Drop in any time

No need to book, just turn up.

But it will save time when you come if you complete the very simple registration form (on Google Forms) before you arrive.

Common questions

Do I need to bring any equipment? Are mats supplied?

Mats are available, as well as some blocks, belts and blankets. You are of course welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Is the class suitable if I am pregnant?

The class, with some adaptations is suitable during the second trimester and the first half of the third trimester. However I recommend you go to a pregnancy specific class that can take you through all trimesters and into the post-natal phase.

E.g. my friend Sarah Burgess runs a class not so far away in Westferry close to the DLR station at Yoga Creation.

Do I need to register or book?
You can just turn up but it will save time when you arrive if you complete the very simple registration form (on Google Forms) before you arrive.


It's a calm, relaxing environment for all abilities

How participants describe their own experience of class:

Relaxing but energetic, highly enjoyable and I feel so much better about things in general after each class.


Its welcoming and caters for all whether very flexible or horribly arthritic! Expect to be well looked after and have everything explained and to be given individual attention.

I come to the class in order to experience healthy stretching, deep breath and calm. Always gently challenged and yet cared for, I'm stretched, feel expanded and experience calmer thoughts.

Encouraged to go at your own pace and do what you feel able to do. You learn new things about your body and your abilities. You feel wonderful after the class.

Calm, deep breath, real quality of movements and presence, adapted and gentle teaching to every individual's spirit.

Certainly improved my flexibility and significantly improved my knee and back problems. It has helped me relax more and generally improved the quality of my life.

Calm restful relaxing thought-provoking challenging.

A valued, peaceful, protected space to nourish joints and muscles.

It is an opportunity to destress in a challenging but accommodating small and intimate class.

If you are looking for a meditation timer app...

I have tried many. This one is simple to use, free, has interval bells and doesn't need any registration details. It also integrates with the iOS Health app to record mindfulness time if you want to. It does not have any guided meditations, it is a timer only.

I'll look out for something similar on Android and add it here too.

Want to know more?

Some short reads on attento yoga

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Save time by registering before you come to class

You can just drop in to class but you will need to complete the same form there in any case so save time by doing it in advance.

Need a massage?

Graeme also offers deep tisusse and holistic/Swedish massage at attento studio in EC1, near Barbican/Moorgate/Old Street.

Graeme using elbow in deep tissue massage on client's back.

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Need a private class?

Graeme offers private classes for individuals and small groups (maximum 3) in attento studio in EC1, near Barbican/Moorgate/Old Street.

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